JGE - To all newcomers (Important)

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I do understand people that have been skeptics about JGE, for it being to be called a server for the useless, a server that has no challenge, etc.
That's a huge misconception that I can personally guaranteed.
JGE is definitely the most balanced server compare to any other Granado Espada Server can offer.
(both private and official alike)
Yet, JGE like all other servers has it pros and cons.

It's one of the fastest server that gets constant update from KGE, yet being a totally unique independent server by itself.
People who have come in contact or had played JGE long enough would simply know that. Unlike most servers that relies heavily on spending cash, JGE doesn't simply offer that.
Yes, spending cash in JGE is another way of earning quick vis or getting incredibly good gears. But it's all optional as everything is in the roulette. (well almost everything).

The constant events that JGE provides gives you ample of opportunities to get Cash Characters for free, items that would sell for high prices, etc.
Feso Shop provide a wide array of things that will aid you in questing, raids and even a wide selection of cash characters that is updated every few months.

Though it all seems easy to get to high level, given that some pets give attack/defense ratings, weapons are easily +8 +9  and valeron powder/Impervium/boosters/tranquilizers are all available in roulette or drops.
One had to know that most raids are separated into different ranks,
(normal, hard, very hard - by default) - something that KGE is slowly picking up after seeing the success of JGE.
This allows people who are beginner, the slightly advanced player and top tier players to play at their own comfort, of course roulettes get better as you choose the different difficulties.
Field raids & monsters have been tweaked compare to other servers. For example, Armonia monsters are stronger than the one we see in other servers.

The entire Roulette/Characters system in JGE have been improvised and will only get better as the Admin/Moderator of JGE take into account of thoughts and suggestions of the players strongly. Unlike other servers where their moderators weren't really helpful and only have one thing in their mind that is to squeeze dry the pockets of every consumers out there.
Don't believe me? you can send a ticket of inquiry to them and they will reply you with utmost respectful tone and steps to solve a problems that you have, almost immediately. On rare occasions it might take a couple of days due to their Holiday and stuffs, they are still human being of course.
Perhaps it's in their culture on how they were brought up, Japanese people are definitely one of the most courteous group of people I've ever met.
(not just in game but personally)

However, if you're not living in Japan, connecting to JGE server will be quite troublesome. A Japanese VPN is needed to connect, there's free VPN which often get crowded and lag, facing constant disconnection...
There's also the monthly paid VPN which is a lot more stable. Getting a paid Japanese VPN isn't that expensive, the cost is probably about 5USD per month.

Of course, there are rats in JGE like all other servers, there will always be a group of people that Respect isn't in their dictionary and often than not, they are not Japanese but of people from some other countries.
For Example, Broadcasting/Speaking in English when they know they are not allowed to (which they will get banned eventually) & Taking on other people spots

Yes, playing in JGE might be difficult & I wouldn't especially recommend people to join in the server, playing in this server would require an effort in learning basic Japanese and only people who truly love this game would enjoy it.
(I wouldn't want kids to join in the server and destroy the serenity of what JGE offers)
If you're really interested in learning Japanese playing a Japanese game would prove to be really useful as you get plenty of opportunity to learn.
Playing here would require you to keep a constant low profile if you aren't familiar in Japanese writing.
Like I say before, if you truly love this game and is a peace loving creature.
JGE definitely welcomes you, if not you're probably better off at other servers.

Just FYI, Japanese players are really conscious about foreigners , they have a portal (which I will not tell) that blacklist the possible foreign community ign, have fun.

Here are some links that could help you proceed in game

when in Rome, do as the Romans do