JGE Update - 8/23/2016

Banshee Natalie will be implemented
New event 斥候部隊救出作戦 will be implemented, banshee Natalie character card will be obtainable via event, accessible via Reboldoeux
魔物結集 テトラヒル will once again be tested
weekly mission roulette changes for 水上都市ベデル 無限十奏戦
歪んだトルシェー屋敷 monsters & drop will be adjusted
慟哭の氷魔塔 and 死界の氷魔塔 hidden roulette will be added
new scenario 嵐と龍 will be implemented
sub quest 巨人の墓場 and recruitment quest for liung are added
added elite sd weapon recipe into colony war chest
Added new 42 ar weapon series - Spirit Series
It's weaker compare to Elite SD weapon series but it gives additional one AR to certain stances
New Autobaron T Pet Added
Character & Stance Adjustment: Patrick, Nena, Catherine Str, Int, Dex, Neo, Equites, Calyce, JD, Hector/Nina, Garcia/Brunie, Evil Machina, Yuliana, the 2 adult Kano, Incantation