JGE Guide - 慟哭の氷魔塔 - ノヴィアの部屋 DEAD・END

The final floor for ice wizard tower and it's definitely the most challenging among all,
Where no one would be able to take a break
It's quite a straightforward raid, to be honest
Buffer and Leechers would have to patrol the lower part of the 4 corners for crystal skull spawn
defeat the crystal skulls ASAP, before it spawns souls (spawn time: random)
When souls are out it makes things a lot way tougher
Tanker should lure boss to the end of the map, and should only focus on tanking Novia
DPS focuses on Novia and clearing of monsters/mini-boss when they are spawned

Tank -> Sirius, Amy/Cadet Amy, Elisa
1st Debuffer -> Kurt, Lisa, Valeria (regen focus on Tank)
2nd Debuffer -> Heiran, Jaina, Elisa
DPS -> Beatrice, Dolores, Evil Machina, Kevin, Elementalist (Yuliana to boost AR)
If your accessories and armor are good enough, Liung and Mirelle can be used as well
(weaker dps should assist in crystal skull hunt)
Buffer -> the usuals

Novia will spawn monsters/mini boss for every 10-20% of her health depleted
at about 90% her she will cast a huge instant aoe so beware of wipe
about 40% a permanent debuff will set in
about 10% her AR and DR will increase permanently making the fight a lot harder
There will be 3 chest in total as her health depletes, and a chance of Elite Strata weapon once she's defeated