JGE Update - 7/20/2015 (10th Anniversary Special)

Major Update for 10th Anniversary

Below are the remaining folllowing missions:
Huge amount of items were removed from games which includes wings, costumes etc
The following buff 開拓の加護 that can be bought from Feso shop will be replacing all the wings and costumes stats
"攻撃等級2、防御等級2、PCへの与ダメージ10%増加、モンスター与ダメージ20%増加、攻撃力10%増加、貫通力30増加、  防御力10増加、免疫力30増加、詠唱時間4%減少、クリティカルダメージ10%増加、ノックバック時間10%減少、  攻撃速度10%早くなる、クリティカル+5、命中+5"

All following rings have been adjusted
The following pioneer rings can be bought from Feso shop for 50m

Nearly all characters cards, stance book, quest item, monster spinelle, various buff potion, some artifacts and some of the pets can be purchased from the Feso shop

Main storyline are way easier to complete now

All costume though with their stats removed can be purchased from dress room or costume merchant now

Fighter personal skill have been changed

Vis are..... lowered in a way that even Elemental Jewel is no longer 10m worth beware of scams

Though there's a new integration merchant in town for family level 30 and below its is wiser not to use it

New scnario have been added オルデンの復活
New daily mission have been added 慟哭の氷魔塔
New weekly mission have been added ベデル 無限十奏戦

10th Anniversary character Neo can be created in barracks , 1 per family both adult kano are implemented as well
the number of barracks has been increased to 20

Following characters / stance have been adjusted: Kess, Karjalainen, Evil Machina, Andre, Catherine Str, Sariel/Abyss Sariel, Brunie, Gracia, Illusion, Selva, Sierra, Catherine Dex, Loretta, Tronada Cruz , Flintlock, Sesil, Patrick, Cherlyn/Snowflake Cherlyn, Rose Spirit, Gracielo the lightning, Kevin, Bryan/Divine Hammer Bryan, Summoner Catherine, Viki Trance Robo, Angie, Jack, Diego, Friede, Lynn/ Silver Flare Lynn, Judith and her cash counterpart, Bane, Marie, Student President Ludin, Roth, Hector and Nina, Elizabeth, Grace Superior Blaster, Kano, Nar, Pioneer Grandice soul guard, Cruz, Reckless Emilia, Levitation, Martial Arts Compendium, Spy Olivia, Beatrice, Liung, Barrol, Adriana, Jaina, Selene, Cannon shooter claire, Rachel, Veil, Calyce (exclusive stance), Adelina, Lionel, Unlimited shot, Normal Emilia - removed darkness added Rosario R, Therapy, Innocentio, Placidez, Battle Medicine, Grandies Soul Bringer, Mercenary Claude, Mifuyu, Nena, Diable, Equites, Racel, Levin, Lorch, Vernoif, Rosa, Rio Prelude, Ralph Shining Sting, Shadow Master Jin, Gean, Sniper, Heyan, Ania, Kurt (exclusive stance), Olivia, M'Boma, Wizard Rod Ultimate, Vincent Abyss, Emilia the Sage, Chapter of flow, JD Call of Destruction, Mireille

and those who can't read Japanese, it's definitely a good time to learn