JGE Update - 6/15/2015

New event have been implemented
Soho the wind received new exclusive stance : Mythology Regrowth that uses Knuckle + Leg guard
-Stance obtainable via new event
New Mission have been implemented: 空中庭園の機兵
New Bedel Accessories have been implemented
Mission Update: 魔物結集 テトラヒル - rare special boss might appear, 超銃撃戦 ベスパニョーラ第二艦隊 roulette have been adjusted, 復活の古代王 have been adjusted slightly easier
10th Anniversary Character and Stance Adjustment: Code Name L, Sorang, Wanted Shot ; Brunie, Elizabeth, Kevin & Evil Machina, Soho the Wind
Slight Adjustment : Veil