JGE Diary - Clock tower Basement

It's been awhile since we did clock tower basement as a faction due to all the new mission that came out
but yeah though it took awhile, we did complete 1-9 with 7 people (including those who are new to the game)
it was so much fun figuring everything out again all the riddles and methods all over again o(^▽^)o
I figured instead of a guide it's probably more fun to make this a full hint diary instead.

1st floor - There's must be an odd color one
2nd floor - I believe everyone pass grade school math
3rd floor - Simon says game is quite fun
4th floor - Protection field makes everything so easy
5th floor - Similar to 4th floor but with magnetic force
6th floor - Invulnerable :D
7th floor - anyone that is not attacking should sacrifice themselves (ノ∇≦*) just kidding
8th floor - things gotten a lot easier
9th floor - till death do us apart (´。・ωq)(pω・。`)