JGE Update - 5/25/2016

A new scenario have been added to the Symphonia - added new floor in rose duke mansion - New raid boss in mansion
Mission: 超銃撃戦 ベスパニョーラ第二艦隊 - N型β bug and roulette have been adjusted , 魔物結集 テトラヒルβ2.0 - Normal mode is now easier
Bloody navy event is now available - there will be a possibity of getting New RNPC: Hector & Nina card from it
New faction mission have been added and renewal of some old faction mission
Armor combination have been implemented - Scout and Fighter armor have been combined into one, Musketeer and Wizard Coat are combined into one, Metal and Robe stay the same
PVP timing & shop have been adjusted
10th Anniversary: Character & Stanec Adjustment - Byran and Divine Hammer Bryan, Nena, illusion, Crusader, Sirius, Mary, Grace, Ludin, Hellena, Sariel and Abyss Sariel,
Minor Character & Stance Adjustment: Calyce, Gracielo the Lightning, Adriana, Cruz, Ralph, Lorraine, Laura