JGE Diary - the long awaited

Perhaps its meant to be
not sure if I have an affinity with tome
long ago, I had my first abyss weapon that's a tome, my first vernier weapon was a tome and now my first iller series is a magic tome as well. And strange enough, I wasn't even particularly aiming to buy one, it just happened.


kind of hate the fact that iller series doesn't have their own glow

I was on hiatus in-game for a bit (about the time when vernier weapon was released) but I absolutely love the fact on how fast one can easily get back into game without spending a single cent, even when the game update so fast. I think nearly a month ago I was still using abyss weapon which was totally irrelevant of today standards. haha

Welp. Ending of with an Elementalist is never the wrong move. Cheers to all