JGE Update - 5/18/2016

Update - 5/18/2016

Another new type of mission has been added : 超銃撃戦 ベスパニョーラ第二艦隊
魔物結集 テトラヒル β2 has been adjusted slightly easier to achieve the next level of roulette
weekly mission: 自由の象徴 now available in very hard mode
10th Annviersary character and stance changes: BattleField Claude, Catherine Torsche, Adelina/ Adelina the pirate, Sniper Berneli / Sharif , Cutie Claire/Cannon Shooter Claire, Elementalist (occult magic), Montoro, Student President Ludin
Small Changes for the following character for their stance: Kess, Lionel , Musketeer, Veil, Flintlock
New 41ar have been added : Dominion Series
Recipe of that is obtainable from 超銃撃戦 ベスパニョーラ第二艦隊
New Pet: Pharrell
Pet is also obtainable from 超銃撃戦 ベスパニョーラ第二艦隊
Added new artifact as well some artifacts can now be traded