JGE Update 5/4/2016 & 5/11/2016

Update: 5/4/2016
10th Anniversary Character and Stance Update: Rascel, Nar, Jin, Gracielo the Lightning, Cadet Leonel, Ralph, Lorraine, Charles and Berthe, Rachel
Character and Stance Update: Cruz, Veil, Barrel, Catherine Dex, Selene, Rose the spirit, Dolores, Blue Flame Ludin, Beatrice, Ion, Levin
Implemented another 41 AR series: Elite Master of Vernier - Main-Gauche
Added blessing for 41 AR iller series - obtainable via Feso
added new artifact
Update: 5/11/2016
Mission: 魔物結集 テトラヒル β2 now comes in two different mode Normal/Hard
Slight roulette changes for some mission
10th Anniversary Character and Stance Update: Peltast, Flintlock, Adriana, Roth, Laura, Heyran, Reckless Emilia, Van, Friede,
Buff for concentrate have been improved to 5AR and 2DR , Musketeer that once had additional AR/DR buff from stance as well is no longer available
Shadow Trigger to AR3 DR4 / Shining Trigger AR4 D3
Character and Stance Update: Calyce, Cruise, Barrol
Implemented catapult for Colony war
Updated Colony war reward chest
Reboldoeux, Coimbra, Auch quest is even easier now