JGE Beginner Guide #10 - What and where?

It's been awhile since I last did a beginner guide
Changes in JGE rapid, especially who to get, what to use, where to raid, what to do etc.
There's no such thing as optimal because it might be true today, but everything might change the very next day
That is one reason why I'm always reluctant to do a post about this
But this is to hopefully help out new players that are first starting out and hopefully it will still be relevant for a long time to come

Staring at your very first barrack while you are forced into choosing 3 out of 5 stock characters
Knowing that JGE stock characters all have their very own exclusive stance
Scout - Rosario Ultimate
Fighter - Sword Ultimate
Musketeer - Rifle Ultimate
Elementalist - Bracelet Ultimate
Wizard - Rod Ultimate
You just can't decide!!

Rosario Ultimate will play a huge role in the end-game hence, Scout is mandatory for any beginner
[Recommendation: 5/5]

Sword Ultimate will consider much more of a tank/buff stance though I wouldn't highly recommend if you're interested nonetheless, you can test it out in your pace at a much later stage
[Recommendation: 2/5]

Rifle Ultimate is one of the highest ranged physical DPS, it's highly considerably useful as well in the early stage using Unlimited shot
[Recommendation: 4/5]

Bracelet Ultimate with access to flare high magical DPS, it's a must have for any magical DPS team
[Recommendation: 4/5]

Rod Ultimate - the ultimate team player, even though their magical DPS is not as high bracelet ultimate but with access to whole cancellation from Telekinesis, Darkness, and Rod Ultimate stance, they play the role one character Full Whole Cancellation
[Recommendation: 3/5]

Recommended team: Starting off with Scout, Wizard, Elementalist / Scout, Musketeer, Musketeer will be efficient
Starting off in Reboldoeux, these are where most of the raids are located at
we will come back to this later on

For starters always start off with Reboldoeux Questline .
More or less you'll be able to get the hang of the game
Even though it's a little old but you can always refer to : Beginner Guide #3 for a brief knowledge of how should the equipment works around here, though that is not the most updated guide but it should fair well, slightly.
Also, Check on others beginner guide on the site to get more ideas

What raids should I do to earn some vis?!

Basically everything that you can do (・Д・)ノ
All the raids accessible via the team of Reboldoeux NPC found at the side and in Bounty hunter
However, if you are lacking in time, I've picked some of the raids that has the highest CP for beginners
Dispatch mission (BH) (accessible up to 5 times a day now)
[Recommendation: 4/5 Duration: Approximately 2-3 hours]

Infinite Challange - as high you as can go (BH)
[Recommendation: 5/5: Duration: Approximately 10-45min]

Griffon - I just adore killing birds (BH)
[Recommendation: 3/5: Duration: Approximately 5 seconds]

All the solo/team Weekly Mission (accessible via BH or Reboldoeux)
[Recommendation: 5/5 Duration: Really depends]

Moonlight garden - 月光庭園 (Reboldoeux)
[Recommendation: 3/5 Duration: Approximately 5min ]

Sea Cave of Revenant (room of the dead) - 亡者の部屋 (Reboldoeux)
[Recommendation: 4/5 Duration: Approximately 30 seconds]

The Fortress (Joaquin Barrier (Defence)) - ジゃケン防衛戦 (Reboldoeux)
[Recommendation: 2/5 Duration: Apprxoimately 30 seconds)

Tower of Chaos (Normal/Hard) - (Reboldoeux/BH)
[Recommendation: 3/5 Duration: Approximately 10-20minutes]

Events (if there's one) - (Reboldoeux normally)
[Recommendation: 5/5 Duration: Apprxoimately: Depends]
Some of the raids have unlimited access now so you can keep doing them repeatedly

With 140 and more characters to come who is the best?!

There's no "best" characters here in JGE all characters are revised thoroughly & with 10th anniversary updates coming all characters will be buffed towards a certain way that all characters will be useful
(e.g. Catherine Dex have been buffed in a way that she will excel in speed, Selene have been buffed in a way that she has the highest ice penetration in exchange for her speed)
What I can do is to give suggestions -

With access to most of the cash shop characters in Feso (newer characters is obtainable via event, and feso shop on a later date)
Some of the best characters that you can get from Feso Shop (as of: 5/3/2016)
Jane - DPS / Debuffer
Idge the Battlesmith - Tank/DPS/Debuffer
Friede (Freeday) - Buffer/DPS
Catherine (Int) - DPS
Blue Flame Ludin - DPS
Rosa - DPS
Judith - DPS
Dolores - DPS
Recommendation will always change due to character and stance update, and more characters will be implemented in feso shop on a later date

Recommended characters at a later stage: (As of: 5/3/2015)

Melee Physical DPS character recommendations
Idge the Battlesmith, Leona (soul secreta), Vanessa, JD with Call of Destruction, Consol Diertrich

Range Physical DPS character recommendations
Jane, Yuliana ,Barrol, Musketeer(unlimited shot/Rifle Ultimate), Kess Punisher

Magical DPS Character recommendations
Elementalist (Bracelet ultimate), Blue Flame Ludin, Catherine INT, Beatrice; Debatable - Dolores, Ion, Wizard (Rod Ultimate), Selene

AFK characters recommendations - well as long as you have the gears all characters are good to go
Nena, Idge the battlesmith, Judith, Muskteer(Rifle Ultimate), Yuliana, Leona (both version), Diertrich (both version), Vanessa, Friede, Ludin, Elementalist (Bracelet Ultimate), Kurt Lyndon (Death Erosion)

Dispatch mission team character recommendations
Idge the battlesmith, Leona (soul secreta), Consol Diertrich, JD (call of destruction), Bane, Blue flame ludin, Elementalist (bracelet ultimate), Ludin, Sierra, Musketeer (Rifle Ultimate), Vanessa

Other important characters
Sirius, Lisa, Grace, Rosa, Any character with rosario ultimate stance

I might have missed some stuff but that will be it for this post,
A game always comes with story with 140 characters as of now each and every character tells a story that might touch your heart, that might annoy you but they are all linked.
Don't just go for characters that are strong. Yes, they might be useful but choose the characters that you are smitten with.
This way you will enjoy the game a lot more.
That is probably the one of the reason why I love Japan Granado Espada Server, rather than some server that just throw characters at the players and ask them to pay for a skin that looks cool / pretty. JGE develops each and every character with a story behind them that is why all new characters that's being released are accessible via new events, all those events are a story that is only waiting to unfold.