JGE Update - 4/14/2016 to 4/20/2016

Update 4/14/2016

Character & Stance Update: Cherlyn, Snowflake Cherlyn, Ion, Blue Flame Ludin, Beatrice, Hellena
Old Vernier Mansion monster stats have been reduced
Since 10 year anniversary is coming up, the following mission can be participated unlimited time per day

Update 4/20/2016

Character & Stance Update for 10 anniversary: Ion, Beatrice, Blue Flame Ludin, Catherine (Int), Musketeer (Unlimited Shot), Kess & Lionel (Punisher), Veil
Character & Stance Update: Diertrich and her cash counterpart , Kurt, Sorang, Laura, Kess, Cannon Shooter Claire, Cutie Claire
Character Introduction: Vanessa - obtainable new event
Worldx PVP timing change
Tierra war is now every friday 23:00 to 23:30,
Tierra buff will last for 7 days and can be obtained within 30min after the end of Tierra war
Valeria Vendetta Quest have been implemented
Increased Market price limit to 100G vis
Implemeted additional Illier series weapon - 41 AR
New Artifact now available in pvp store