JGE Update - 2/17/2016

Character and Stance Update

Cannon Shooter
Stance Bonus Penetration increase to 70
Still a beginner? -> Ignore def increase up to 15%, AR Increase to 4
Hanging Guard
Stance basic attack greatly increase
Melee damage resistance increase to -30%
Range damage resistance decrease to -10%
Magic damage resistance added 10%
Penetration increase to 75
Immunity increase to 70

Carnage skill damage decrease too 500%
Slaughter, Volition, Ruthless ignore def gretly increase and skill damage have been adjusted
Shell Breaker now increase AR to 3 and added monster damage 100% when skill level is above 10

Granma - Highlander soul
Duration increase to 120s, increase attack increase to 25%, increase immunity increase to 12, increase DR increase to 2, added 10% movespeed

Superior Blaster
Stance attack bonus increases, ignore def % increase to 13%

Blitz Assault
Stance attack bonus greatly increase
Melee damage resistance added 20%
Shooting damage resistance removed
Magic damage resistance increase to 30%
Penetration increase to 100
Immunity increase to 70

All attacking skill ignore def greatly increase

Wave illusion duration will always be 180s, AR Increase by 4, DR increase by 1 at level 10, Attack increase by 30% for all levels

Piracy stance attack bonus greatly increase
added melee damage resistance 30%
removed range damage resistance
increase magic damage resistance by 30%
increase Penetration to 80
increase immunity to 70
all skill damage % increased, ignore def have been greatly increase
increase critical to 20
increase penetration to 20
Below level 10 AR increase by 1
Level 10 and above AR increase by 3
Bone crash
Medium and Hard armor bonus have been adjusted

Name Adjustment for item
Nothing really matters here, it's just for easy identification
most importantly event items now all have stars symbol before their name