JGE Update - 1/6/2016 (& event)

1 vis roulette event will be extended
Revision of the roulette system as well as the expense of the original additional roulette
that includes adding SP/PL tickets in some of the revised roulette
receive the 20% monster damage medal as the new year gift

Impervium changes for the various weapon series

additional stuffs have been added to the feso shop: most importantly tears of sara and weapon costume

Character and stances adjustment
Dolores and Lorraine
Personal Buff increases to 4AR and stance attack increases

Rosario Ultimate
Rise Point buff - AR/DR increases by 4 at level 13 Monster damage increases at level 11/12
Immunity increases to 35 at level 12
Level 10 & above increase in additional physical penetration
Level 13 reduce cast time

"Battlefield of the flag" from faction war/legion war have been removed, compensation will be given if you have battlefield of the flag in your inventory/vault