JGE Update - 12/22/2015 (Christmas Edition) - Updated 12/25/2015

Going into the new era and celebrating x'mas at the same time this update is huge
First off, Dark Red Christmas event, As we are transcending into the new era this event act as a filler story before what's going to happen in the new scenario

Automated mission
2 new automated mission have been added, extended the times you'll be able to do automated mission
increased the amount of time you can do long automated mission to 3 times a day, short automated mission 5 times a day

New Faction mission
New faction mission have been implemented, definitely going to try it out

Christmas Special - Snowflake Kevin
SnowFlake Kevin have been implemented for the christmas period - he will be using one ice bracelet instead of using lightning bracelet - You'll be able to get his character cards from Dark Red Christmas event

Christmas Special - Character boost
Only during the Christmas period - until January 6th, Snowflakes character will get an additional boost for their character stance
- increase in AR and Monster damage

Permanent Stance and Stats change
Valeria Vendetta
Vendetta basic attack greatly increase
Melee damage resistance increase to 20%
Range damage resistance decrease to 25%
Magic damage resistance increase to 15%
Critical increase to 40
Penetration increase to 70
Awakening Cooldown decrease to 20second - AR increase by 3 at level 10 - Mov Speed increase by 20% - Monster damage increase to 100% at level 10
All skill damage have been increased, Voidness & Exclusion range have been increased, Decreased amount of target to 4 for Exclusion, Chain of Elimination cool down decrease to 30 Second, Max range increased to 15m

HP Increased to 50
Punisher skill damage increased
Melee damage resistance 10% is removed
Critical increased to 50
Penetration increased to 65
Original ignore def increased to 12
Added 30% Monster damage to Gun Master
Punisher - overrange shoot skill damage & Ignore def increased, Revert soft and light armor bonus back to 100%
Zero defect and wild shot cool down decreased skill damage & ignore def increased
Mark - Cool down decreased AR increased to 4
Overwhelming shot - Skill damage & Ignore def greatly increased, cool down increased to 40s

Hanging Guard
Basic attack greatly increase
Penetration increase to 60
Immunity to 50
Carnage skill damage increase, Reduce cast time to 0.8s, max range to 5.5m
Slaughter Skill damage & ignore def increased
Volition - Skill damage increase
Ruthless - Skill damage greatly increased ignore def added Cool down increased to 30s, Heavy Armor bonus reduced to 100%

Soul Bringer
Basic attack greatly increase
Melee damage resistance increased to 20%
Attack speed increased to 30
Block increased to 40
Penetration increased to 50
Immunity increased to 55
King Spirirt Cool down decreased to 20s, Duration increased to 240s, DR increased by 1 at level 10
All skill damage have been increased and added additional ignore def

New 40 AR Series - High Bristia Series
10% more built in racial damage and 10 more penetration compare to vernier series
Things just got serious Σ(´Д`lll)エエ!!

2 New additional stance will be added for the both of them
Their stance book likewise is obtainable via the Dark Red Christmas event Good luck in getting those!!!