JGE Update 12/16/2015


Apparently we're getting the new stance from KGE as well that they implemented for Elementalist - Elemental Master
Elemental master like bracelet ultimate uses only one bracelet (but of any kind, fire/ice/lightning/special your choice) and stance book can be bought from master guardian using one Pisces symbol and 5 white gold bar.
Different bracelet leads to different element for the skills

both attacks and skill damage are modified, Increase cool down for silence dancing to 60s
Slight adjustment to quite a number of stances and characters but it's doesn't really affect much though I really like the changes for JD
JD when using crescent/greatsword, his max speed goes back to 10 now which might prove a little more useful I guess...

New Mission
Single Family 3 MCC medium difficulty which you access from coimbra bridge personal mission admission guard

Some of the items that you could exchange via talking has been change to store format now