JGE Update - 12/2/2015

This week update focuses on the PVP elements
-Reset worldx pvp ranking
-Damage calculation for PVP have been modified
-Weapon/Armor rating calculation have been modified
-Buff/debuff duration for PVP have been modified
-PVP potion /Soul crystal for colony war have been implemented in Reboldoeux PVP shop (other HP potion/ Normal Soul crystal usage will be unavailable during PVP)
-Colony Tower Max HP has been adjusted
-Adjustment to faction war have been made as well

Character/Stance changes
Strength increases to 95
HP increases to 85
Agility increases to 75
Basic stance attack greatly increases
Added -20% melee damage resistance
Accuracy increases to 65
Block increases to 65
Penetration increases to 55
Immunity increases to 70
All skill damage have been increased, added - 60-80 ignore def

Valentia - Cool down reduced to 6s, all armor bonus reduced to 100%, debuff rate have been increased
Bless - Cool down reduced to 20s, Duration increased to 300s, AR and DR increased by 2 at level 10
Centella - Cool down increased to 25s, light armor bonus reduced to 125%, Heavy armor bonus reduced to 100%

Strength increases to 85
HP increases to 95
Sect of the moonlight
Basic attack increases
Block increases to 45
Penetration increases to 65
Immunity increases to 65
All skill damage greatly increases, Added -60-110 ignore def

Asura - cool down increased to 30s, cast time duration reduced to 0.5s, skill radius increased to 5m, Heavy armor bonus reduced to 125%

Basic attack greatly increased
Magic resistance increased to -30%
Critical increased to 40
Penetration increased to 70

Shootdown shot - cast time reduced to 0.3s , increased -ignore def to 50
Swift shot - damage increased , increased -ignore def to 75
Penetration shot - damage increased
Accuracy shot - Light armor bonus reduced to 100%, , increased -ignore def to 100