JGE Update - 11/25/2015

Character/ Stance Update
Stance basic attack increase
Magic resistance have been removed
Block increased to 35
Penetration increased to 65
Immunity increased to 35
All skills increase in skill damage and added -ignore 35-60 def
Rapid Shot - skill damage to soft armor increases to 120%
Implode Shock - Cool down decreases to 12s, skill damage to medium armor increases to 100%
Light flow - increases 3 AR at level 10, -DR penalty have been removed
Piercing Bound - Cool down increases to 15s, skill is now possible to target Flying target, Max range increase to 10m, skill radius increase to 4.5m, medium armor increases to 130%, Chances of Stun increases
Infinity Shooting Star - Cool down increases to 24s

Tora - Dark Avenger
Stance basic attack increases
Added Melee resistance 15%
Accuracy decreases to 60
Evasion increases to 50
Penetration increases to 60
Immunity decreases to 55
All skill damage have been increased
Decapitate -ignore def increases to 85, added ignore evasion
Throw Weapon - Damage to soft armor increases to 100%, medium and hard armor decreases to 110%, added -ignore 85 def
Rapidly stab - Damage to soft armor decreases to 90%
Concentrate fire - Cool down decreases to 18s, damage to soft armor decreases to 90%, medium and hard armor decreases to 100%, -ignore def increases to 120

Agility increases to 75
HP increases to 35
Machina Control now has 0 cool down and added 50% monster damage

New vernier weapon have been added