JGE Guide - 凍結された時空 Clock Tower - Frozen Space time

After Lucifer Montoro weekly Mission, The Second major story weekly boss (not considering Armonia) is definitely crazy hard
The Raid comes in 3 stages and during the first two Pharrell will just be an Ass swiping you around while you fend off the crazy hard lucifer bosses
Pharrell comes with super long range attack that swipes across the entire map, the only way to avoid it is to hide behind the stones

First stages

Second stage

Third Stage

Third Stage - Buffed

For the first 2 stages
Bosses are split into two categories
it's either weak to physical or magic make use of it to clear them faster

For the final stage
Giant Pharrell will scale down into mini version of him where you can attack him at ease
But don't be fooled, his AOE attack is still crazy huge
He will summon two Lucifer bosses that can't be targeted hence, just focus all your firepower at Pharrell