JGE Update - 11/4/2015

Two new automatic mission have been added

New Weekly Armonia Defense Front (Lesser)

The original Armonia Defense Front to accomplish, the new weekly armonia defense front is for 4-8 families
Bosses stats are altered slightly as well as roulette & rewards since it's easier
*Note: If you participate in Weekly Armonia Defense Front, you will not be able to participate in weekly armonia defense front (lesser) for a week.

Zodiac Hand Sign (Personal Skill) - AR & DR Increase by 2 at level 10
Death Shadow Ninjutsu Stance
Increase Shooting Damage Resistance to -20%
Penetration increase to 60
Immunity increase to 55
Death Shadow Gleam Skill Damage greatly increase Cool down decreased to 10 Seconds, Increase -Ignore def to -80
Silence Needle Skill Damage greatly increase Cool down decrease to 5 Seconds
Death Shadow Flash Cool down decrease to 25 Seconds
Flood Earthquake Increase -Ignore def to -80
Seal Sheave Ground Skill damage Increase, Increase -Ignore def to -120

Increase Sen to 65
Lightning Charge increase DR by 2 instead of 1
Electronic Kats
Basic attack greatly increase
Penetration increase to 55
Immunity increase to 60
Block increase to 55
Attack speed increase to 25%

Triangle Slash Cool down decrease to 6 Seconds, Skill damage increase
Lightning Road Cool down decrease to 8 Seconds, Skill damage increase
Arounding Excision Cool down decrease to 15 Seconds
Two Swords Dance Skill damage increase
Sword of tempest Skill damage increase, Cool down increase to 30 Seconds, add Lightning Dispel at level 2 instead of 1

Hand Sign AR increase to 4 at level 10, Increase Monster damage to 100% at level 10
Shadow Flash - Basic attack greatly increase
Added Melee damage resistance by -15%
Added Range damage resistance by -15%
Penetration Increase to 60
Immunity increase to 55

All skills cool down decrease by 2-6 Seconds
Sprint Assassin increase -Ignore Def to -90
Nilddle increase -Ignore Def to -80
Earthquake - Skill damage have been altered
Open Gate - Death - Skill Damage increased, Modified Medium armor attack bonus to 100%, Increase -Ignore Def to 110