JGE Update - 10/21/2015

Introducing both Judith and Conviction officer Judith (Empyreum)

Stance and Characters Adjustment

Battlefield Claude
Destructivo Increased to DR + 2 at all levels

Rapido Cruise basic attack greatly increased
Stance bonus added -20% melee attack, -20% range attack
Penetration Increased to 60
Immunity Increased to 45
All Skill damage have been increased
All attacking skills added -25-30 ignore def

Battlesmith Idge / Claude / Alejandro
Battlesmith Idge
Increased Strength to 85
HP to 85
Agility to 95
Decreased Dexterity to 40

Increase Strength to 95
HP to 90
Decreased Dexterity to 20
Agiltiy to 45

(BattleSmith) Melt Weapon
At level 10 AR increased by 1, DR Increased by 3
Melt Armour
At level 10 DR increased by 3, Ar Increased by 1

Tronada Cruz
Basic attack increased
Stance bonus
Increase -melee damage to -20%
Penetration increase to 60
Immunity increase to 60
Block Increase to 50
all attacking skill damage increase adding -20-70 ignore def
Destruido Cooldown reduced to 10 Second
While Destruido is on Alejandro AR & DR increased by 2

Catherine Strength
Doll Dream Increased AR to 4
Brandish Arm basic attack increase
Stance Bonus Penetration increase to 60
Tornado Blow Skill damage increase, increase by -75 ignore def to -80 ignore def
Over the Horizon Skill damage Increase

Weekly Armonia Mission Memory of ruler
Boss monsters stats have been adjusted, reduced the amount of tricks the boss will use
Viron clock tower basement 6th/9th/10th
Boss monsters stats have been adjusted