JGE Update - 10/14/2015

Character Adjustment

Enchanted arm at all level will increase AR by 4
Tempest - stance basic attack bonus increased
Thunder calling cool down increased to 30 Seconds

Queen of Pioneering

Soul Guard
Stance basic attack increase
Increased stance bonus -Melee Damage 15% to -Melee Damage 20%
Increased penetration to 55
Increased Immunity to 45
Increased block to 25+30

Changed position, monster damage have been removed
Attack Trigger
AR increased by 3 at level 10
DR increased by 1 at level 10
Penetration increased by 10 at level 10
Defense Trigger
DR increased by 3 at level 10
AR increased by 1 at level 10
Immunity + 10 at level 10

Chain Direction chances of inflicting stun increased
Gust bringer chances of inflicting darkness increased, Skill damage greatly increased
Devastator skill damage greatly increased
All Skill
Cool down reduced by 4-7 seconds
added -ignore def 20-70

added new daily mission, Abyss infected forest, Armonia Latina that is for 1-8 family, 3MCC

Search in clock tower mission
Boss stats have been modified
Roulette drop have been modified

Fury Montoro, and Weekly Montoro Raid
Added in Strata devil weapon recipe into roulette, not that it matters

and some changes for characters in worldxPVP