JGE Guide - Food Combination

Food Combination
differs from what weapon you're using
what raid you're in
what family attribute and what type of potions you're having
The messed up graph above shows some of my favorite food combinations for different situation (DPS - PVE)

FC : 1
Spider steak for additional Monster Damage and Cabo Rum for Additional Attack Rating
This common combination is especially useful when you're fighting raids that the DR of the monster is especially high

FC : 2
Spider Steak for additional Monster Damage, Capy Dinner for Penetration, Boar Steak for additional Health
When your Attack Rating is high enough to reach the monster DR and not quite enough to deal additional attack bonus , penetration will definitely help in dealing more damage to the monsters
See the AR/DR Chart : Here
Especially when the boss monster here in JGE has absurd amount of immunity
this is one combination that would help

FC : 3
Swapping Boar Steak for Stirfried Octo ( additional attribute damage)
If FC 2 is for physical DPS, FC : 3 would be for Magic DPS
Since physical dps doesn't benefit much from attribute damage, having 5000 more health while having absorb potion on might ensure a slight higher rating for surviving

FC : 4
Cabo Rum for Attack Rating, Wolf Steak for Movement and attack Speed, Boar Steak for 5000 more health
This combination is especially useful when you're in full DPS attribute
And as well as due to the fact that JGE has some crazy strong pet such as Navas that has attack speed penalty, Finest Steroid Potion doesn't add attack speed, Vernier Weapon has attack speed penalty as well
With that much factors to consider, Wolf steak is undeniably one of the most important food here

FC : 5
Same reason as FC : 3

well, those are the combination I normally will use for raids as DPS
if you've a different set of food combination and would like to share
feel free to comment below