JGE Update 10/7/2015

New Dispatch mission have been implemented
Dispatch mission disabled the usage of soul crystal
Infinite Challenge for round 81 and above roulette rewards have been adjusted
The 3 weekly mission boss abilities have been adjusted (魔術師の玉座/祭壇防衛戦/盗賊団制圧戦)
Field Raid - Truman Secret Laboratory "Evil Machina" and "Shining Machina" ability have been decreased
And they will have a chance of dropping Ogre Series Recipe

Character Adjustment


Hp increased to 65 , Int increased to 90
Encore - Cooldown decreased to 30Seconds
Increased Prelude basic attack
Increased base penetration to 55
All Buff cooldown decreased to 20 seconds
Appassionato cooldown increased to 40 Seconds and increased greatly in skill damage


Int Increased to 90
Relax Decreased cooldown to 40 Seconds
Basic Attack for Folclore Increased greatly
Added 50 Basic Penetration
Cooldown for Cancion & Bolero decreased to 20 Seconds
Cooldown for Ranchera decreased to 30 Seconds
Cooldown for Climax decreased to 30 Seconds, Skill damage greatly increased


Encore cooldown decreased to 30 Seconds
Base Penetration for Rocking increased to 55
Chromatic Increased AR + 4 instead of + 3 at level 10

Sword Ultimate
Front Act adds additional 10 Immunity (to fighter only)
Terminate skill damage increased, casting distance increased slightly, Increased Ignore def to -80 instead of -50

Added Ogre Series Accessories

Ogre Earring = AR +2 Penetration +25 Immunity +20 All Racial Damage +20%
Ogre Necklace = AR +3 DR+3 All Racial Damage -10%
Ogre Belt = DR +2 Immunity+25 HP+5 (def 15)
Ogre Glove = Penetration +15 Attack Speed+5% (def 20)
Ogre Shoes = Immunity +15 Movement Speed +10% (def 20)

Total Value = AR +5 DR+5, Penetration 40, Immunity 60, HP+5, Attack Speed+5%, Movement Speed+10%, All racial damage +20%, All racial damage -10%, Defense 55

(ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ==== ┻━━┻

Chances of getting Enhancement Value of +5 or less have been decreased with a minor chance of getting a +10 through manufacturing

Added new stuffs to performance system
standard equipment Worldx pvp characters will be fixed to High Master Level 10 100%