For the rats

JGE foreign community have raised for sure
but bear in mind JGE isn't for everyone
I've mentioned before there are always rats in the different communities and tons of them have apparently sneak into the server causing disruption and such

Kill Stealing / Luring other boss to afk peeps / Speaking publicly / Lacking basic courtesy such as even simple greeting /
Entering room without notification / totally ignore the Japanese when prompt with questions (especially when those rats just barged into the room) / bringing buffer without proper buff rings/team / bringing debuffer without proper debuffing weapon / rings / Team
and those are only some of the examples of what those rats are doing


Mind you, you're playing in other people server, this isn't a server of your country
If you don't even respect them, how would you expect them to respect you back?
Japanese isn't really good with english to begin with but if you can't even speak proper english or simple Japanese
Please take my advice, Stop playing
They wouldn't even be able to Google translate what the bloody fuck you've just said
I've been raiding alongside with the Japanese for a long time and they all know that I ain't Japanese but they are perfectly fine with that (I don't speak perfect Japanese either)
If you do not know anything Ask, before you even do anything. Don't Assume
If you do not know how the raid runs, Ask. Don't understand? Research. If not, Don't join. Simple as that
Someone mentioned before, JGE is for the veteran. I agree, if you do not know how most things run, playing in JGE is going to be much more difficult than you can imagine.

On the bright side the usage of English in broad has decreased which is good