JGE Guide - Dispatch Mission (Automatic Mission)

As mentioned in the 9th year Anniversary Onsen Talk, they will be introducing the automatic mission to relax your fingers
Also known as Dispatch mission, is accessible via Bounty Hunter from the npc as shown below
(Novice [left] , Intermediate [middle] , Advanced [right])

As of now, there are 5 different types of dispatch mission which you can try it out
Despite having different difficulties, each type of mission can only be access once a day

In this mission, you won't be able to move, skill or even selecting target
You'll be in auto assault mode all the way till the end of the mission
Hence, be sure of who you are going to use for the missions

・Use of Soul Crystal
・Pet Activation
・Switching Stance


※ Your characters will be only using basic Spacebar attack, hence character like Jack with construction stance, or Valeria will that require skills to summon/buff will just ignore the monsters and bosses in the mission

※Some of the missions have boss that can levitate, melee characters will ignore those as well
(hence, do not bring triple melee characters or you'll not be able to complete it)