JGE Update - 9/24/2015 (Updated 9/25/2015)

Introducing an auto battle mission which is accessible from Bounty Hunter

Added Silver Flare Lynn Character box to Feso Shop

Stances and Ability Change for Reckless Emilia and Sharon
Reckless Emilia
HP increases to 60
Sen Increases to 70
Int Increases to 90
Safe Guard
Cool Down decreases to 40 Seconds
Duration Fixed to 15 Seconds
Madness Stance basic attack Increases
Penetration Increases to 65
Mass Invisible coo ldown decreases to 60 Seconds
Duration Fixed to 20 Seconds
Reckless Emilia Increases 3AR while in that status
Gabi Quake Cool down decreases to 10 Seconds
Increases Range to 6m
Spell Bead Cool down decreases to 18 Seconds- Dark Bleeding Debuff chances increases
Spell Hail Cool down decreases to 15 Seconds

Eva Sharon

Reflect Skin Decreases to 20 Seconds
AR Increases to 3
Penetration increases to 65
PVP attack damages have been altered

Update: (scrolled too fast)
Added new daily mission, Lucifer, Garden Leader


Accessible via Bounty Hunter, 3 MCC, 1 Family
Deemed as one of the hardest daily mission it has 2 roulette that have the possibility of getting Abyss weapon Recipe & Phoenix of treasure (40 AR weapon material)!!
Killing off all the wildlife boss will get you one roulette
Killing the last boss (human) will get you the second roulette
If you're able to do this be sure to add it to your daily!

Leona Event: Leona's Invitation
Advanced Mode for Leona mission was bugged hence as compensation, duration of the event will increased by one week making the event last till 10/7/2015
( one more week of chance to get codename: L )