JGE Guide - Search in ClockTower (updated 9/24/2015)

時計地下調査 - Search in Clock tower mission
In Leader of the new era Episode 3, Viron's Truth, You'll have to access this raid quite often and it's a relatively tough raid for newcomers
but since you'll only be needing the first boss and third boss of this raid it should be fine
This raid contains 3 roulette
For the first roulette
you'll have to defeat Mighty Victor -> Portero -> Evil Machina
Second Roulette
you'll have to defeat Mighty Victor -> Portero

Third Roulette
you'll have to defeat Evil Machina

The boss will spawn shortly upon defeating the previous boss so always keep your distance away boss spawn area
Fighting Mighty Victor -> he will take a long time to charge his body spinning skill use that time to get out of aoe
Fighting Portero -> Just run from all the aoe, for the second time you fight Portero, he will cast a super huge aoe, the tank do not have to run from it but DPS yes
Fighting Evil -> Tank from far, so lisa would have an easier time debuffing him

If you're just aiming for the first roulette
Just a tank and a DPS will do
but beyond first roulette you'll definitely need lisa, heyran and scout with rosario ultimate
it's a one MCC 12 family raid so choose wisely

Ice Magic DPS is highly recommended (AR Make it as high as possible)
This raid is definitely made for Bracelet Ultimate
Of course, if you don't have it, Ion and normal Elementalist - occult magic stance is your next best thing
Though Ice Cherlyn packs a punch in the raid as well but due to her lack of AR and Summon will die within one hit (skill)
She will not be able to dish out her full potential
Physical DPS is not recommended

Tank wise preferably above 91 DR with abyss shield and damage reduction artifact

This raid requires a huge amount of penetration hence for your family attribute make sure you try to max out your penetration before choosing other attacks option