JGE Event - Leona's Invitation 9/16/2015 - 9/30/2015

L seduction
Step 1: Head over to Red Sunset Forest and Talk to Veronif (K4/5)
Step 2: Head over to secret garden and collect red jewel piece from monsters in Lucifer Secret Garden and talk to Veronif again in Red Sunset Forest
Step 3: Talk to her again and move to Lucifer Castle , Entrance E5 to talk to L
Step 4: Move to Reboldoeux and talk to L to start event mission
Similarly to all other events there will be 3 difficulties
Novice: Entry Requirement (none)
Intermediate / Advanced: Entry Requirement, 1 Red Time Piece Etc Item

You'll be able to obtain the Red time piece as drop etc item from monsters in Lucifer Castle, Moonlight Garden and Lucifer Castle, Secret Garden
In all difficulties, you'll have a chance of obtaining Code Name: L character card
Good Luck!