JGE Event - False Priest Part 3 9/9/2015 to 9/24/2015

After Completing Part 2 of False Priest
Move to D7 of Armonia and talk to Patrick
Move to F/G 11 of Armonia El Templo to activate a combat mission
Fight Abyss Sariel that has 72 ar 72 dr and a whole bunch of other characters L, Lynn, Reckless emilia, Nena that has 70 ar/dr each
after defeating them all
Talk to Abyss Sariel in Armonia, El Adio (J6) to activate a non combat mission
Talk to Berth in Armonia, El Soltado (F3)
Move to Shelter of Resistance and talk to Sariel (E3)
Move to Kielce (D8) and talk to Heiran

From then on start your daily event with Heiran in Reboldoeux G7