JGE Update - 9/9/2015 (updated 9/10/2015)


New weekly mission have been added "Clock tower, Frozen space time"
3 MCC 3 -12 Family
It's a weekly mission that you'll have to fight off the giant Pharrell, there will be no roulette reward
but everything will be dropped e.g. current top level equipment recipe, materials and rosa secreta, Leona's stancebook

Well apparently for this weekly mission, there will be wave of bosses attacking you and their ar/dr is about 100 (round up/down)
while fending them off, Giant Pharrell will be disturbing you with his attacks and aoe, that you won't be able to run away since the aoe is the size of the map, pure madness
anyway after defeating the entire wave of bosses, Giant Pharrell will turn into his mini version to engage in battle, despite saying mini, the aoe is bloody huge, weirdly enough it only has 30 ice/mental resistance, I'm guessing Bracelet Ultimate will be useful here.
but yeah once it reaches a certain amount of HP, it will summon a few more bosses that is "un-targetable" welp what can you do but to run?
Just focus your attack on Pharrell, apparently armonia accessories recipe is not a 100% drop from Pharrell
Adjustment for Final Episode of Viron mainquest
added detours for some quest

Stances and Characters Adjustment


Agility Increase to 95
HP increased to 85

Show Time!
now gives AR 4 at level 10

Stance bonus
Increased resistance to magic by 10% making it -20% now
Penetration increased to 60

Lovely wink
damage have been modified
Hand Trick
Cooldown decreased to 6 Seconds
Increased Ignore defense from 40 to 80
No! Trick
Cooldown decreased to 12 Seconds
Opponent radius range increased from 4m to 5m
Increased Ignore defense from 75 to 80
Illusion Straight
Skill damage increased
Attack Bonus to soft armor decreased to 120%
Cooldown decreased to 15 Seconds
Illusion Mirror
Cooldown decreased to 20 Seconds
Increased ignore defense from 75 to 80


Increased HP from 50 to 75

Cat eye duration increased to 300 seconds at all level
Removed increased AR from any level

Shadow Sting
Critical bonus increased from 20 to 30
Eagle Eye Increased AR +4, Monster damage +60% at level 10
Bolt Sequence
increased max target to 8
Back Step Inferno
Cooldown decreased to 20 Seconds


Agility Increased from 30 to 60
Basic Damage Increase
Max attack Range increase from 10m to 13m

Performance System

New performance system is added when you can get achievement rewards by completing them
Use Alt L to take a look, if you've completed the task click on the gift box to redeem the prize
As for the mission on how they rank it's shown below
from rank 1 on the left to rank 4 on the right

Hall of Fame UI have been modified

added new artifacts which the above 2 is tradable

The First tradable artifact, Perseverance of testimony effect : All damage -15%, movement Speed -10%
The Second tradable artifact, Cursed Royal Tiara: Critical Damage +25%, Attack Speed -10%

Added new Spinelle to Bounty hunter Catherine and adjustment to some of the Spinelle price

The Scarecrow at Thueringen Lakeside can now increased their Max DR to 100 and their maximum HP have been increased 1000*