JGE Event - Back to Origin 9/2/2015 - 9/9/2015

Mission Objective:
Having Elementalist in MCC
Clear - Ice Wizard Tower : Leo's Room
Accessible via Bounty hunter guild NPC / Coimbra Nimrod Bridge NPC
Rewards: 20 event expert chip and 20 event master chip

Having Scout in MCC
Clear Castillia Mine (all 3 roulette have to be spin)
Accessible Via Reboldoeux Beginner Mission NPC / Castillia First Base
Rewards: 10 Event Eagle Eye Potion, 10 Event Absorb Potion, 10 Event Finest Steroid Potion

Having Fighter in MCC
Clear Lucifer Mission Screaming Corridor (all 3 roulette have to be spin)
Accessible via Reboldoeux Master Mission NPC / Lucifer Castle Entrance NPC
Rewards 2 Dazzling Spodumene rumin , 2 Dazzling Obsidian rumin

Having Wizard in MCC
Clear Priest of Fear (either normal / hard)
Accessible via Reboldoeux High Master Mission NPC / Memento Mori Bible in Armonia, Apostadero
Reward: 15 Event High Master Chip

Having Musketeer in MCC
Clear Tigres Prison first floor
Accessible via Reboldoeux Tigres Prison NPC / Kielce Tigres Prison NPC
Reward: 7 Days Drop Manual

Clearing all of them during event period will be rewarded with Home Premium Service - Luxury
Reward will be given on next maintenance