Personal Rant & Update on post: Beginner Guide #3

Due to recent updates and the plan that has been implemented for 9th Anniversary
I made a few changes on thy equipment guide

This seems a lot easier for raids right? not really
Basic raids such as Castilia, are definitely easier to complete with all these new updates
but the top end raids are always coming out, always keeping you on the edge
New raids such as clock tower basement bosses AR are at 3 digits
And having a +10, doesn't necessary make things easier
Of course if we were to say they buffed everything, where's the fun in that ?
JGE made the server in a way that is equally fun for the casual, low level to the extreme hard core players to full extent
there is always a raid that will challenge them strongly, which reward them accordingly

Now imagine bringing all these new constant updates + modification to a brand new official English server
you will see whole lot migration happening, that I can guarantee
(c'mon seriously free cash characters, free booster, free impervium, free eet, JGE is basically an official private server)
(being a server they would definitely need to earn money as well, that's why imperial wheel exists
but whatever they offers in the imperial wheels, will be in the roulette as well, there is just no way JGE is just made for the cash spender)

What makes thing fun and what's not ?
I'm tired of people comparing server to server
in the end it all boils down to the community in the server
some would love peace and tranquility
some would love battles and pvp
but the most important thing is, communication
if you can't communicate or you can't understand a single word
there is no way, you would enjoy what is there to offer
especially when you have to start from scratch and there is no one out there to help you
you'd rather stick to what you already have in other servers
you like your coziness of comfort, you love the domineering feeling ,that I don't blame you, it's human nature
I was one of the main DPS for one of the top faction in other servers
but starting afresh in JGE was something that I've never looked back

What we have in JGE is totally different from other servers
We're just playing on different tiers
Believe it or not, a lot of other servers are following the footstep of what JGE has to offer
so don't compare, don't brag, don't condemn