JGE Sariel Recruitment Quest (updated 9/2/2015)


Item Needed:
20 Corruption Essence
1 Cabo Rum Dish
10 High Quality Suede (100 Elvoit Leather)
10 Magical Amethyst

Completion of Armonia Episode 1 is recommended before starting his recruitment quest
(though it's not necessary)
Upon Completion of Glorious Sanctuary: The Memorial Ceremony
Move to Kielce C10 and Talk to Sariel, with Vincent in MCC (Not Rio)
Move to C9 of Kielce and then D8 for a short conversation
Defeat 100 Honeycomb in Bahamar, Prophet's Forest
Move to E9 of Viron and talk to Vincent
Return to Kielce D5 and talk to the Blacksmith
Move to D7 to activate a combat mission, Defeat Sariel
Return to Sariel at Kielce C10
Talk to Vincent at Viron C9
Move to C9 of Kielce and talk to the guard (have a normal conversation instead of moving to Kielce - Night)
Move to J7 and talk to the Fur Merchant
Move to J6 for another short conversation
Move to H8 of Kielce Night to activate a combat mission - Smile of Death God
Defeat Jurgen and his followers, Sariel will assist you
Return to Kielce C10 and talk to Sariel
Pass him Cabo Rum Dish (Food) and move to B4 of Kielce to activate a non- combat mission
Return to Sariel at Kielce
Talk to Vincent at Viron
Move to Bristia Scar C6 to activate a combat mission
Defeat all the ghost before Sariel green bar gets filled up,
Move to Viron and talk to Vincent
Go back to Bristia Scar E9
Defeat 200 officer ghost , 200 female ghost, and 200 soldier ghost
(oh god help)
Move to E9 of Bristia Scar
collect 20 Corruption Essence and move to E8/9 of Bristia Scar
Move to F6 of Bristia Scar for a combat mission
Defeat Navas, Sariel will help you, but do not let him die~
Talk to Sariel in Viron
Kill King of Greed, in bahamar underground (can buy spinelle from Feso Shop as Redeavaricia)
Return to Sariel
Finish up Armonia Episode 1, Trail then Talk to him again
Go to A6 of Kielce
Go to Kielce Government house and talk to Kess
Collect 10 Magical Amethyst and talk to Kess once more
Head to F4 of Kielce Laboratory to activate a combat mission
Do not let Sariel die, there will be a whole bunch of armonia soldiers at 75ar/dr trying to stop him from escaping, kill them all
Use a tank if you need to
Talk to Sariel in Kielce and collect 10 High Quality Suede (Qualified Suede)
You can exchange Elvoit Leather 10: 1 for High Quality Suede with Rescue Knight Material Administrator I7 of Katovic Snowfield
Talk to Sariel after you obtained 10 High Quality Suede
Head towards Shelter of Resistance, Kill the Monsters and collect 1000 300 Black Ink (Quest Item)
Talk to Sariel in Viron
and wait for the next day
Talk to Sariel
Move to Kielce Laboratory F4
Return to Sariel once more for his Character Card