Solo - 空中庭園の機兵

I remembered having so much trouble with this raid in the past and now it's a walk in a breeze......... it's scary how fast a mission can become redundant

Prowess of Ciel

Absolutely love how fast I can catch up despite going on a hiatus for so long without spending a single dime but of course the two sister ciel and scarlet are just absolutely amazing

the moment before disappearance

I can't



Personal Update: Like a wind

I'm back!!!! for a very short while & I'll be gone again

I do apologise for not updating the blog for awhile due to my hectic schedule.
I'll still do updates whenever possible but weekly updates will not be highlighted anymore unless it's a major one.
Pet Collections & The way of the Bounty Hunters have been updated as well so feel free to check it out.
(these two areas will be updated every once awhile even without notice)

For those who are new, the way of the Bounty Hunters highlights the main stuff you can possibly get from just doing the various missions in bounty hunter alone,
and for those who are wondering, I'm not doing a section for infinite challenge because the items and recipes you can get differs way too much and it's really difficult to narrow down, perhaps anyone who's good in data mining can help out with that portion.

The site will still be on semi-hiatus as I prepare for my next backpacking trip