JGE Update - 10/19/2016

Difficulty of アルモニア大聖堂 防衛演習 and 超速激戦 ルシフェル城侵入路 have been eased
New Spirits series weapon have been added for Vendetta and Punisher
Bristia Armshield have been added to PVP store for 7000 points

JGE Update 10/12/2016

New mission added: 超速撃戦 ルシフェル城侵入路
New Artifact Added
Character and Stance changes: Judith and her cash counterpart, Lynn and her cash counterpart, Jaina, Hanging Guard

JGE Diary - September's Best

I was clearing my bunch of screenshot earlier on for the game and I found some timing that I am quite satisfied with. Of course, it's my own record to track and I'll definitely update it only when I beat my own timing or when I feel satisfied with it. Love & Hate to how fast they are updating the game, it might be awhile for me to catch up but definitely, it's good to have a goal in mind.
Absolutely in love with the 42 AR Spirit series weapon

JGE Update 10/5/2016

Character and Stance Adjustment: Panfilo/Battlecook Panfilo, Martial Arts Compendium, Asoka, Cherlyn and Snowflake Cherlyn, Barrol, Ania
WorldxPvp Point adjustment
Added: 41 Dr armor Divine Le Blanc
Small Changes to the newly added mission アルモニア大聖堂 防衛演習

JGE Guide - The Last of Jurgen Scenario