JGE Update - 9/21/2016

New Character added: Aclla
New Solo Mission 平原の破壊者 will be added
Monster/Boss of the highest level raid difficulty will be adjusted
Character and Stance Adjustment: Kess - Heavy Stinger, Mirelle - Electronic Kats, Vincent - Abyss, Loretta - Eagle Claw. Mercenary Claude - Rapido Cruz, Rachel - Illusion Gunner

JGE Update - unknown

Apparently, 3 new pet have been added secretly?)
Novia, Fire Golem pet have been confirmed
For the last pet, I would say it's Einwind, but I can't guarantee it yet.

JGE Diary - The Stratas

absolutely no difference in design

The way of the Bounty Hunters (Updated 9/23/2016)


JGE Update - 9/7/2016

New Mission added: 暴風の神域
Numerous floor in Ice wizard tower mission has been eased
Infinite Challenge roulette have been renewed
For New players do make use of 教官の実戦指導 to obtain stuffs that is useful for you (for every major scenario quest you completed)