JGE Update - 11/16/2016

Changes to テトラ遺跡 極秘調査and the other solo mission in BH
Character and Stances changes: Quasar, Battlefield Claude and Nena
Added another 42 spirit series greatsword

JGE Update - 11/9/2016

New solo mission added: テトラ遺跡 極秘調査
Unable to use soul crystal, time extension is available in the mission
Character & Stance Adjustment Daisy, Both version of Diertrich and Lynn

JGE Update - 11/2/2016

Added rare boss for 超速 ルシフェル城侵入路 with a chance of dropping vernier, ogre, armonia accessories
死界の氷魔塔 1F-5F is way easier now
New 42 AR Spirit Series weapon have been added
Character and Stance Adjustment for Daisy, Sariel and his counterpart and the two adult form of Kano, Lightning Gracielo, Tora and Laura
And Point adjustment for worldxpvp

JGE Diary - October's Best

Sigh... The amount of blessing I need is just insane..... hopefully it get common soon........

JGE Diary - 暴風の神域

for a heck of a long time we've been tryng to boost our faction member's strength in order to complete this raid
We finally did it !! with the help of other faction as well hahaa this raid is just way too annoying